August 2018 Update

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Very Successful Special Electors Meeting on Monday, August 20, 2018   A huge thank you to our members and supporters who attended the City of Melville Special Electors Meeting last…

Volunteers Needed

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Help SFPA Get the Word Out If you'd like to see these changes happen urgently, get in touch with us to find out where you can volunteer your services. We…

SFPA welcomes JDAP decision

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Press Release – July 12, 2018  SFPA welcomes JDAP decision – At last some sanity!  The Swan Foreshore Protection Association has welcomed the decision of the key state planning panel…

Recently we have become very concerned about the impact on much loved Applecross and Mount Pleasant of proposed developments at the Canning Bridge Activity Centre. The character and environment of these two leafy green suburbs is seriously at risk.

We were both surprised and concerned to find that there are effectively no height limits in the Canning Bridge Precinct. There was no way that we thought that an area designated up to 15 storeys with height concessions for community benefits could result in buildings twice as high – 30 storeys. But it has – Sabina on Kintail Road is under construction. There is even a proposal for a building of 54 storeys.

This was not the community expectation when the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (CBACP) was approved.

SFPA believes we need to stop any further developments that exceed the guidelines, regardless of any so-called community benefits, while the City of Melville re-assesses the CBACP and amongst other changes, makes sure that there are actual maximum height limits consistent with the community expectation of 10 or 15 storeys.

The Plan

The Reality

  • Sabina at Kintail Road – 30 Storeys in the “Up to 15 storeys” area?
  • 20-22 Kintail Road – 16 Storeys in the “Up to 10 storeys” area?
  • Proposed superblock at Sleat & Canning – Proposed 54 Storeys
    in the “Up to 15 storeys” area?
  • 36 Kintail Road – 5 Storeys in the “Up to 4 storeys” area?

Additional Information and Comment About the Development Plans

about us

The Swan Foreshore Protection Association is a group of residents and ratepayers in the City of Melville who share concerns about the lack of good governance, combined with an indifference to the views of ratepayers, in the City of Melville resulting in decisions being made that are adversely impacting our community and its environment. 

SFPA management committee and members are an unpaid group of enthusiastic individuals who recognise that complaining is not enough – we need action to achieve a change of approach and a change of culture in our City of Melville. 

SFPA is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. ABN: 11588982120 IARN: A1023100Y


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