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August 2018 Update

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Very Successful Special Electors Meeting on Monday, August 20, 2018


A huge thank you to our members and supporters who attended the City of Melville Special Electors Meeting last Monday. It was a great success and again demonstrated that Melville residents and ratepayers have serious concerns about the direction being taken by the City of Melville Council and Administration.

The presentations by the five deputations were excellent – well researched, professionally presented and well received by Melville residents. Congratulations and thanks to Dale Kenny (Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan), Mark McLerie (Council Policy on Managing Unreasonable
Conduct), Don Galbraith (Tompkins Park Redevelopment and the impact on the rugby and cricket clubs), George Gear (Melville Bowling Club) and Clive Ross (Why wave park lease preconditions cannot be met and therefore lease should lapse).

The following five motions were passed overwhelmingly and will now be considered by Melville Council at its September meeting:

That the Council of the City of Melville immediately initiate a full review of the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan for the purpose of including:
(a) maximum height limits;
(b) guaranteed retention of all existing trees; and
(c) community consultation panels on all multi storey development applications and planning

That the Council of the City of Melville immediately initiate a review of Policy CP-107 Managing Unreasonable conduct for the purpose of revoking the Policy and replacing it with a Policy drafted after community consultation and which is properly intended to protect City employees and residents and ratepayers.

That the Council of the City of Melville immediately initiate a review of the City’s Meeting Procedures Local Law 2017 to:
(a) delete the requirement in the definition of “deputation” in Section 1.6 requiring a person to have a direct interest; and
(b) delete sub-section 7.10 (2)(b) which allows the CEO to reject a request for a deputation.

That the Council of the City of Melville immediately notify Urbnsurf (Perth) Pty Ltd that the City as Lessor is unable to meet the Lessor’s pre-conditions in the agreement to Lease to:
(a) vacate the Melville Bowling Club site by 1 October 2018 or by the Sunset Date of 28 February 2019; or
(b) obtain permission to lease or acquire Crown land before the Sunset Date of 28 February 2019; and
(c) has no reasonable basis to request an extension of time to meet these pre-conditions and therefore the agreement to lease is terminated.

That the Council of the City of Melville immediately review the Tompkins Park re-development plans as it is now apparent that the Melville Bowling Club have decided not to move from their current site and the proposed changes will result in the Rugby and Cricket Clubs becoming financially unsustainable.

This is a very good outcome BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT.
We need to demonstrate the widespread support among Melville residents and ratepayers for these recommendations and therefore we again ask you to gather signatures for the petition we have previously circulated and help us get as many signatures of City of Melville electors as possible.

We want to present this petition to Council at the September meeting when Council will be asked to consider the five recommendations passed at the Special Electors Meeting.

We ask each of you all to collect at least 20 signatures of City of Melville electors – imagine how convincing the petition will be if we all did that.

Please download the petition (landscape please), collect as many signatures as possible and return the original signed documents by mail or by hand to 3 Dee Road, Applecross by Monday 17th September.

Thanks again for your support – it is greatly appreciated and needs to continue!

Clive Ross